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765 days ago
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'why not run five teams developing the same policy, in different settings & accommodation, at the same time & see which group(s) are most effective and productive?
Allison H
  • Why do we thisn this is so?
This is what I think
1125 days ago
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People in remote aboriginal communities often share smartphones: therefore, the best way to contact them is via Facebook as people's phone numbers keep changing 
Baden A __________
From Paula's first breakout group in the Hamilton Room - Why are we here?  The group considered what we would like to see and have seen as enablers of change and innovation.
Key notes:
'Ban the But!' - We need to ban the use of the term 'but' if we are to enable an environment of innovation.
Not a need to know; a need to share! - Silos are the antithesis of innovation, communiation and collaboration.  Cultural change in organisations should be changed to a default 'need to share'.  This can still be secure within the organisation if need be.
Government organisations and the public sector tend to reward people with risk averse personality types, despite its desire to evolve. - Considered a truism     
Logic can get you from A to B, Innovation can get you anywhere
Baden Appleyard.
1126 days ago
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  • New to public service. Sceptical about digital focussed solutions... wanting to talk about that
Adrian H
  • Internal social media networks - Jive, Yammer, Chatter - increased engagement, knowledge sharing, part of the induction process, self moderated, bottom/up conversation, source of innovation and the unknown culture flaws
1126 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Adrian Hall 1126 days ago
Adrian H SocialText in DPC for internal engagement + participation
The "shutdown" of the Yammer community the beginning of the end. Self moderated, value internal knowledge sharing.
SA Strategic Plan process is a good example of engagement + participation; how about turning it upside down and outside in - plan for better Government.
1126 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by David Pecotic , Adrian Hall 1126 days ago
David P John Sheridan on leading innovation
We don't need to define innovation - its just about doing new things, not just about new things, but re-analysing pre existing processes to find a better/practical way to improve them.
Organisation becoming more permeable
Things get descrutcive if we close down
Practical ways of testing ideas
Personas - who is your end-user (Organisational data can provide an insight. Interactions from other data sources, for example Google Analytics. Ask the 'Marketing team' for any market research another source of persona gathering).
DHS - moving to early intervention and before the project lifecycle begins
Advice re: influencing senior decision-embed across the organisation
Tip: walkthrough using Business Origami
DHS - used the reform process to drive co-design
Make it disciplinary
Role of design to progress
outside in
Leadership as relationships and not roles
Behaviour - organisational emphasis
But words have power
How do we cultivate moral authority
soft skills, do we need capabilities
Digital divide
What if digital divide is the only for those on the other side
More than one digital divide?
Need a user-centric strategy
Social/sharing economy
Airbnb, can't lock my door
Do we need to regulate
Feedback mechanisms can be hacked
Precautionary principle
NFP or community
Role for govt in a platform for sharing itself?
1126 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Adrian Hall 1126 days ago
Adrian H Don't ask for permission. Pray for forgiveness!
1126 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Van Dutton , Rick Waddacor 1126 days ago
Van D Start with what needs we are addressing before designing services- Dom Campbell 
digital ideas from elsewhere
  • events
  • crowdsourcing
  • open data
  • services
Wunsdorf (sp?) digital bus stops - buses dynamic scheduling & flexible routes based on efficiently meeting user demand - 1980's efficient assets use
germany - digital displays with optimal speed out from traffic lights to help time correctly for green lights - reduce congestion
Many other places cars are accessible by keypad key sharing so unused cars are available by authorised people.
US visa 26 pages vs uk passport renewal, simple succinct. Doesn't want to go to US now.
uk Ed tape reduction programme
seeking public ideas and identifying people problems
runing gov hack volunteer citizen helping 
example converting budget data PDF to spreadhseet because of mistake
Citizen engagement at dept open day - sea rescue - character wanted dashboard app to lodge data with local air sea rescue so without check in, alert is issued.  Eliminates turf wars between rescue teams!
qr codes (engaging people, cemeteries,zoo's)
virtualclassrooms, webex
shared 'front page ' websites
electronic planning approvals system (dept planning)
how do we introduce flexibility with consideration to the CUA
Skilling up public servants for the digital age
Rick W Discussion around Cloud computing. Hosting a cloud based requirement. Cloud can be used and done securely. Financial and Health records should not be stored in the cloud. Focus on technical people. Too many barriers. Systems not useable. Too many big systems.
Summary: right systems; user friendly; and the right technical people. Skill up non-technical staff.
Van D MainRoads example scheduling system now cloud based.
skilling up non technical staff. Give them the tools.
govpond.org for finding government data. Focused on WA data, but searches other catalogues too.q
Tools to enable public servants to do their jobs better. Self service data retrieval. Office365 has data driven pivot tables.
What data do we  collect: TAFE, scheduling data. ERA electricity tariff data was only found on archive.org. 
State has invested in iVEC, but people aren't aware that they can use it?
iVEC crying out for use
the innovators will be system designers, not engineers.
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