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'why not run five teams developing the same policy, in different settings & accommodation, at the same time & see which group(s) are most effective and productive?
Allison H
  • Why do we thisn this is so?
This is what I think
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People in remote aboriginal communities often share smartphones: therefore, the best way to contact them is via Facebook as people's phone numbers keep changing 
Baden A __________
From Paula's first breakout group in the Hamilton Room - Why are we here?  The group considered what we would like to see and have seen as enablers of change and innovation.
Key notes:
'Ban the But!' - We need to ban the use of the term 'but' if we are to enable an environment of innovation.
Not a need to know; a need to share! - Silos are the antithesis of innovation, communiation and collaboration.  Cultural change in organisations should be changed to a default 'need to share'.  This can still be secure within the organisation if need be.
Government organisations and the public sector tend to reward people with risk averse personality types, despite its desire to evolve. - Considered a truism     
Logic can get you from A to B, Innovation can get you anywhere
Baden Appleyard.
1241 days ago
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  • New to public service. Sceptical about digital focussed solutions... wanting to talk about that
Adrian H
  • Internal social media networks - Jive, Yammer, Chatter - increased engagement, knowledge sharing, part of the induction process, self moderated, bottom/up conversation, source of innovation and the unknown culture flaws
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Adrian H SocialText in DPC for internal engagement + participation
The "shutdown" of the Yammer community the beginning of the end. Self moderated, value internal knowledge sharing.
SA Strategic Plan process is a good example of engagement + participation; how about turning it upside down and outside in - plan for better Government.
1241 days ago
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David P John Sheridan on leading innovation
We don't need to define innovation - its just about doing new things, not just about new things, but re-analysing pre existing processes to find a better/practical way to improve them.
Organisation becoming more permeable
Things get descrutcive if we close down
Practical ways of testing ideas
Personas - who is your end-user (Organisational data can provide an insight. Interactions from other data sources, for example Google Analytics. Ask the 'Marketing team' for any market research another source of persona gathering).
DHS - moving to early intervention and before the project lifecycle begins
Advice re: influencing senior decision-embed across the organisation
Tip: walkthrough using Business Origami
DHS - used the reform process to drive co-design
Make it disciplinary
Role of design to progress
outside in
Leadership as relationships and not roles
Behaviour - organisational emphasis
But words have power
How do we cultivate moral authority
soft skills, do we need capabilities
Digital divide
What if digital divide is the only for those on the other side
More than one digital divide?
Need a user-centric strategy
Social/sharing economy
Airbnb, can't lock my door
Do we need to regulate
Feedback mechanisms can be hacked
Precautionary principle
NFP or community
Role for govt in a platform for sharing itself?
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Adrian H Don't ask for permission. Pray for forgiveness!
1241 days ago
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Sarah G That's a wrap
From #Sydney
  • what are the places for citizens to put their thoughts forward. #QandA is one example
  • new transport card - why don't they have a mobile app where you can buy a card?
"And now we're throwing to Adelaide"... Many comments saying... "It's just like Eurovision!"
Audio issues : Time for 'Radelaide' to do an interpretive dance on how their day was... They oblige... Looked like great fun!! The audio just isn't working...
Another great suggestion... did you turn it off and on again?
Alison is wrapping up the streams from the Hackpad and Twitter feeds...
  • overcoming competition v collaboration
  • mindsets and org cultures
  • having to collaborate with other sectors feels like working with the enemy
  • starting to be the beginnings of permission from leadership
  • being clear about outcomes
  • looks at a range of collaboratees and collaborators
  • potential role in collaboration of 'brokers' - gnats between the elephants
  • the decision not to design is still a design decision
  • there is still a difference between theory and practice
  • need to get the right mix of skills involved
  • more thinking around customer experience
  • people know what they don't want but not what they do want
  • what are metrics?
  • need less distraction around the tools, more about what we're trying to do
  • where are the leaders (SES) in these rooms with these discussions?
  • leaders are at all levels
  • leaders in innovation don't have to be a particular level
  • everyday leadership is something to strive for
  • US presidential innovation fellows is something interesting to look at
  • we're good at ideas but not in taking the idea to whatever's next - implementation, testing, etc
  • trust and common understanding
  • open and honest conversation
  • how do you deal with the noise v the signal when it comes to engagement (squeaky wheels)
  • 'Don't just solve the problem, explain why it matters and how to empower ppl to do something about it'
  • Keep repeating the stories
  • Interesting to hear from ppl around regional, state and federal govt
  • discussion around what collaboration is
  • how do you talk about issues without 'losing your job'
  • lots of great discussions
Panel discussion #national
  • Adelaide - Carolyn Curtis, CEO - The Australian Centre for Social Innovation, 
  • Canberra - Alex Roberts - Aust Gov Innovation Advocate, Dominic Campbell - FutureGov (UK), Dr Sarah Pearson - Head of ANU Enterprise, ACT Innovation, TACSI
  • Not just solving the problem, explaining it... 
  • (SP) we need to understand the problem first. Take a step back to understand what the real problems are; a lot of it is about communicating with ppl who live the problem and work on the problem; 
  • (CC) Understand that you're solving the 'right problem', are we asking the right questions, it's a challenging thing to do but understanding the problem from a citizen's perspective is the key to designing a sustainable solution; you need to keep going back and back and back again to people in their own context to design the solution
  • Trust and common understanding in collaboration within and across sectors - bringing different views to the table.
  • (AR) The more we draw out of different people and give a face and emotional response to the real issues helps to break down the agendas
  • (DC) You don't get a reward for making someone's day easier or job easier that day... you are rewarded for ticking the boxes from your job description. Success criteria needs to be aligned to broader achievements
  • (SP) Different visions are siloed. Need to collaborate on a vision before you collaborate on a solution; If it's a broad vision, put a road map together to ensure different individuals can follow down a different road
  • #leading Leadership - need to encourage it at all levels, noting the Chief Technology Officer is here in the room. How do we encourage courage?
  • (SP) Get govcamp into government
  • (DC) This agenda has been focused mainly on the tangibles, not the big policy ppl... if we recognise those ppl need different things. We see 'innovation' being a little bit faddish which is dangerous
  • #leading Leaders don't have to be institutional... how do we encourage leaders in a small l way
  • (CC) At TACSI we use different methods to connect senior leaders with others - story telling works well. FamilyByFamily - by exposing quite senior leaders being emersed in implementation and methods and process have now become champions in the work. Looking at how we can imbed this thinking across the dept. Experiential success helps to build momentum, desire and resources for innovation at a more macro level. Still very early days. Connecting top to bottom is key
  • (SP) How do you get ppl to change? You have to provide them with the reason for change. You need to start change with impact (not promise impact). TACSI try something, make an impact, then use that to show people how it worked. Also, lead with the success that the individual will experience
  • (CC) Allow ppl to be involved in the developing the change - practice, policy and systems
  • (AR) Lots of SES are committed to this Innovation agenda. Leaders are quite diverse - we need to start with those who are interested and have a passion and go from there.
  • #Digital - There needs to be more focus with what we do with it. In this digital space, how do we get ppl on board with understanding it's an enabler, rather than the driver of the change?
  • (DC) Design has to be about need. Everyone here 'understands' digital - everyone wants an app or a website, but wrangling ppl back to talking about need is difficult. "Ok, I understand what the need is... we need a website!" 
  • (CC) I think we lean too heavily on digital. We do have apps to deliver the solution we need but it's not the starting point. We see it as an enabler
  • (AR) Agree, but we have to reflect on the fact that digital is changing the way we do things... We need to consider the role of digital in our policies.
  • #Design - getting the right ppl with the right skills - how do we find them
  • (SP) - UK set up Industry Innovation Network. Culture - Connectivity - Capacity 
  • (DC) The All Staff Email is the most heavily guarded thing... even harder than server security... there are plenty of skills in your organisation. Use natural systems to find out who the experts are in your organisations
  • (CC) I don't think it's for everyone - I underwent a huge transformation to work with different people. Diversity is really important. Robust and interesting conversations that provides a real richness to the conversation and getting to the place that provides good solutions. Look at 'values' when recruiting, and think/look outside the square
  • (AR) The right ppl will change over time. Expose different ppl to these ideas - early and often.
  • Govt agencies need to work closely together
  • Data dissemination platforms - how do we knit those things together
  • How do we discover the great resources that are out there
  • Liked Dominic's 'Burn it Down' methodology
  • New channels needed to make a difference and make a change
"Thank you to all of the organising teams. From an innovation point of view, launch to learn (in about 3 wks!) has worked really well. Streamed conversations will be curated, shared with the advisory panel, and put together and shared with govt, academia and into the corridors of influence. That's it from @govcampau... see you next time." *Cue applause*
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